Trafalgar Law shocked!


23/100 - The Avengers as Cats

I tend to move from fandom to fandom a lot when it comes to fanfiction. Took about 2 weeks to read a lot Teen Wolf stories. Which is kinda funny, I haven't watched the show before. Some of them are really nice.

Anyway, I got bored with the usual tropes and went back to The Avengers fandom to read.

Today I found a funny fic. There exist an actual Catvengers series.


Basically it's about Phil Coulson and the cats he has assembled. XDDD Instead of the usual superheroes in SHIELD, the avengers are Phil's cats. Hahahahahahahahahah. The fic is actually awesome. 
Trafalgar Law shocked!

End of the Year writing meme

It's been a while since I did the review. I skipped so many years because I did not bother counting my writing. But I thought after some dilligent writing since 2013, I might as well review back my efforts.
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